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Paul Williams Well Drilling

Serving Sussex County & Northern Warren County, New Jersey

Branchville, Montague, Sandyston, Wantage, Sussex, Newton, Andover, Lafayette, Vernon, Sparta, Hardyston, Hope, Frelinghuysen

Questions to Ask Your Well Driller

Do yourself and your family a favor -- ask the following questions

to the driller you decide to hire.

May I see your New Jersey Driller's License?

There is a reason why the New Jersey driller's license is difficult to obtain. The training and testing is rigorous and challenging. Only the most knowledgeable of well drillers pass the test. Many take the test many times before passing. I have been licensed by the state of New Jersey DEP for 25 years. I am proud to show anyone my license.

Will you personally be drilling my well? Or, do you just sell the work and contract it out to another well driller at a lower rate who is NOT licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection?

When you hire me, I am with you 100% of the time. My only partner in this process is you, the customer. I am the owner of the company, the salesman, the driller, the secretary, and the chief bottle washer. I own my equipment, and you will never see another well driller on my job. The bottom line is, I trust no one else with your well. I do not insult you by hiring an unlicensed well driller to drill your well.

Do you mind if I watch and ask questions?

I absolutely love for my customers to watch what I do. I enjoy educating you on the entire process of drilling. What you pay for on my job is what you get. Watch, and I'll prove it to you. You will understand once you see water -- the element that brings life -- suddenly gush forth from the ground. 

What steps do you take to insure that my water is safe to drink?

No one can control what is in the ground, but I take the necessary steps to control how a well is constructed to minimize the chances of having contaminants pervade your drinking water. I will be happy to discuss these facts with you. You need to know that when you hire me, I am your fiercest advocate and partner in providing you with the best possible outcome for your given water situation. I don't know how to do less than my best.

How is drilling a water well both a science and an art?

Anyone who loves this profession as much as I do will have no problem helping you to understand the answer to this question. Call me, and I will explain how drilling your water well is both a science and an art.

Where's Max?

Max is our official mascot. She attends all meetings and supervises the jobsites. On occasion, she is called in to do some specialized digging. If you don't meet Max, it's not Paul Williams Well Drilling.